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Jay Chandrasekhar's sexy adult comedy starring Paul Schneider (Tommy) and Olivia Munn (Audrey), The Babymakers follows the antics of an increasingly desperate husband who fears his infertility is to blame when his buxom wife can not get pregnant. Finding the humor in an average guy's panic that he might be shooting blanks, the film turns from a romantic comedy into a slapstick heist romp once Tommy recruits his goofy friends to rob a sperm bank he frequented in his more virile bachelor day.

  • Worldwide Box Office: $7,889
  • Olivia Munn scores another bikini cover shoot with Maxim.

The Babymakers features a quirky cast of popular actors who give the comedy lots of eye appeal including swimsuit-friendly Olivia Munn as the sexy desperate housewife Audrey Macklin and Paul Schneider as her beleaguered husband Tommy. Providing lots of comedic action in the first act, the attractive couple spends most of their screen time trying to make a baby. When traditional methods fail, the two turn to their friends and family members to seek advice about the problem.

Audrey's girlfriends are deftly played by TV's Aisha Tyler and Constance Zimmer who listen intently to all her bedroom dilemmas and then repeat the good parts word-for-word to everyone else they know. Husband Tommy's pals are played by Wood Harris and Kevin Heffernan who serve as totally misguided relationship advisors he finally recruits to help him steal back his deposits at a nearby sperm bank. Director Jay Chandrasekhar casts himself as the unlikely mobster who serves as the ringleader for this gang that can't shoot straight.

The Babymakers' Director Jay Chandrasekhar crafts this unlikely heist comedy with broad gestures designed to get big laughs. While many films find heartbreak in relationships gone off the tracks, this film parodies the games couples play when crisis strikes and sends up the "he said-she said" plot line when everyone in town gets involved in the bedroom problems of poor Tommy & Audrey. Believing their situation is private and delicate, the desperate husband and wife soon realize their baby making has become the entire town's #1 topic of choice.

Known for slapstick comedies and broad scatological jokes Director Jay Chandrasekhar's screen credits include Super Troopers (2001), Dukes of Hazzard (2005) and Beerfest (2006) plus a number of popular episodes of TV comedies.

The Babymakers film
Directors: Jay Chandrasekhar
Producers: Richard Perello
Writers: Peter Gaulke
Gerry Swallow
Starring Paul Schneider
Olivia Munn
Kevin Heffernan
Nat Faxon
Music: Edward Shearmur
Cinematography: Frank G. DeMarco
Editing: Brad Katz
Distributor: Millennium Entertainment
Release date:
August 3, 2012
Running time: 98 minutes